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Belgian Beers .

Hommel Extra Dry Hopping

Hommel Extra Dry Hopping

Dry hopping is a technique were hops are added after fermentation. This ale is more intensely dry hopped then the normal Hommelbier which results in a more intense hoppy taste, but also in a more clear presence of the typical hop aroma.




BreweryVan Eecke


Brewery Van Eecke

In 1624, the city of Watou near Poperinge was granted the privilege of becoming an earldom for the Earls van Yedegem. This family owned the castle of Watou, to which they constructed a brewery. During the French Revolution the brewery was rebuilt by a local farmer, under the typical Belgian slogan “Revolt all you want, but we still need beer here”. In 1862, the Family Van Eecke became the new owners of the brewery by marriage, and started brewing top fermenting country ales.

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