Brewing in Kortrijk: Brasserie LeFort

In 1854 Felix Verscheure started brewing on the Plein (square) in Kortrijk. He named his brewery LeFort, after the military past of the site. During the 17th century around 300 houses were evicted here in order to build a citadel and military buildings with a drill area, now known as the square or Plein. The LeFort brewery flourished and Felix sold the beers in his network of pubs in the city of Kortrijk and the surrounding area.


His granddaughter Marguerite Vandamme made the acquaintance of Omer Vander Ghinste in 1898. At the time Omer Vande Ghinste owned a much smaller, local brewery himself in the town of Bellegem. The young couple married soon after they met. In 1911 Felix Verscheure died, having outlived his two children. Marguerite Vandamme inherited the brewery and all activities were moved to the Vander Ghinste brewery in Bellegem. The foundations of the brewery as we know it today were laid.


Years later, the fourth generation of the Omer Vander Ghinste family released a new beer as a tribute. In 2013 LeFort was launched. It is a dark and complex beer of 8,5%, in the tradition of the rather heavy beers for which the original LeFort brewery was known. The aroma of chocolate and caramel blend perfectly with the fruitiness of the beer resulting in a unique flavour.

tripel lefrot

In 2016 Tripel LeFort  was added, a blonde beer of 8,8%. The beer has a crisp and fruity aroma and a beautiful full flavour.  The top-fermenting yeast gives the beer a trace of vanilla as well as a fruity notes of bananas and red apples. The hints of citrus, lime and roses add an intriguing complexity. During the European Beer Star Competition in 2016, Tripel LeFort was immediately voted world’s best triple.