New name, logo and beer for Leroy Breweries

Brewery Het Sas and Brewery Van Eecke are two of the oldest breweries in the region of West Flanders. Brewery Het Sas was founded in 1572 on the lock (locally called ‘het sas’) of the Ieperlee channel in Boezinge, near Poperinge. During the First World War the brewery was completely destroyed and later rebuilt in the center of Boezinge.

Brewery Van Eecke was founded in 1624 as a castle brewery by the Earl of Watou. During the French Revolution the castle was destroyed by a fire, but the brewery was saved. The business was led by the Van Eecke family for a hundred years, until the Leroy family inherited the brewery in 1962.


After years of close cooperation, brewery Van Eecke became fully integrated into brewery Het Sas in the 1960’s. Until recently both breweries were still known under their separate names ‘Het Sas’ and ‘Van Eecke’. The region of Poperinge is famous for its hop and in 1981 Karel Leroy created Poperings Hommelbier celebrating the famous local Beer and Hop Festival. Hommelbier is brewed with Hallertau and East Kent Goldings hops from Poperinge and was highly praised by Beer Hunter Michael Jackson.

In 2017, the tenth and eleventh generation of the family decided to continue under the name ‘Leroy Breweries’, introducing a new name, logo and website. And a new beer.


Cuvée Watou is a refreshing blonde beer of 8% with hints of spices and yeasty fruit in the nose. The balanced flavour reveals a subtle touch of hops. The finishing undertone has an intriguing combination of fresh spring fruits and citrus.