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Car d’Or

Car d’Or

Brewed according to an original recipe, Car d’OR is a top-fermenting ale with secondary fermentation in the bottle. It has a well-balanced aromatic structure, slight, subtle bitterness and refreshing flavor. Round and mellow, Car d’OR is very thirst-quenching and easy to drink.




Kegs20 L


Brewery St-Feuillien

St-Feuillien Brewery, located in Le Roeulx (southern part of Belgium), was founded in 1873 by a women, Stephanie Friart. In 1910, her nephew took it over and his son, Benoît Friart, succeeded him in 1950. Today, Benoît Jr and Dominique, brother and sister, have been running the brewery for almost 30 years.

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