Happy 125th birthday, Omer Vander Ghinste!

Brouwerij Omer Vander Ghinste opened its doors on May 17h 1892, when Remi Vander Ghinste purchased a brewhouse for his 23-year-old son Omer.  Today the brewery is managed by the fourth generation of the family. Omer-Jean carries the torch, combining family tradition with innovation.

A guide through 125 years of brewing history:


The first barrels rolled across the cobblestones of Bellegem, a small village just miles away of the French border. Of course the brewery is proud of its roots and today the original ‘Ouden Tripel’ is sold under the name VanderGhinste Oud Bruin.


Fun Fact:

Omer Vander Ghinste named the brewery after himself and established the brand through stained-glass window marketing at local pubs. As he did not want to invest in new windows, he named his son Omer. Until this day the tradition continues and every firstborn boy Vander Ghinste is still named Omer.

Bockor 09


Brewery LeFort from Kortrijk merges with Brouwerij Omer Vander Ginste through marriage and inheritance.




Influenced by the new Pilsener beers from Czechia, the brewery developed its own pils known as ‘Ghinst Pils’. A low fermentation tower was constructed and until this day the tower still dominates the countryside of Bellegem.



In 1938 ‘Ghinst Pils’ is renamed ‘Bockor’: a contraction of the German word ‘Bock’ and the French word ‘or’.

A golden pint is born!


Jacobins Gueuze is launched.


The name ‘Brouwerij Omer Vanderghinste’ is changed into Brouwerij Bockor.boskor


A new beer Jacobins Kriek is added to the family.


The Jacobins Framboise is introduced.

foeders trio uitgesneden


The brewery wants to stay on top of its game and launches ‘Kriek Nieuwe Oogst’, a fresh beer brewed with the first cherries of the new harvest. The beer is commercialized with attractive promotional items for the pubs and quickly seduces the consumer with its young, fresh taste.


In november 2002, Kriek Max makes its appearance at a trade fair in Ghent.

Kriek Max is an immediate success and the range is extended with the Rosé Max.

Kriek Max


The brewery launches a unique beer, OMER Traditional Blond. OMER is an instant hit.



As a tribute to the Lefort Brewery, the brewery introduces the Lefort beers.



Brouwerij Bockor wordt opnieuw brouwerij Omer Vander Ghinste.


The brewery celebrates its 125th anniversary. A unique and one-time brew ‘Cuvée Des Jacobins Prestige’ is released during the Zythos beer festival. This is a 100% foederbeer, fermented and matured for 18 months in oak casks from the Cognac-region.

To make sure that the brewery  is ready for the future, a new brewing house will opened next year.