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Poperings Hommelbier

Hommel means hops in the local dialect of Poperinge. This beer contains 4 kinds of hops, all of them are grown in the neighborhood of Poperinge. This ale has a light but inviting green hop and pale malt aroma. The

Kapittel Pater 6

Red-brown abbey ale of high fermentation. The aroma can be compared with sweet burning wood, plums, banana bread and citrus. The typical taste of dark malt is accompanied with lovely flavors of caramel and chocolate

Kapittel Prior 9

A dark ale refermented in the bottle with bitter sweet taste from the roasted malt. A slightly creamy body, with an aroma of yeast, caramel and toffee accompanied by a flavor of light fruit, raisons and some spices.

Kapittel Tripel Abt 10

A typical Belgian-style tripel refermented in the bottle, with a nice amber color. The round and malty taste disguises the high alcohol content. Depending on the age, you can find the beer slightly sweet balanced with fruity hints on the

Watou’s Witbier

Our wheat beer has a nose of coriander, sour citrusy and pale wheat malt, even a scent of fresh hops can be noticed. The taste is light and dry at first and gradually evolves to flavors of spicy notes, fresh