About BFB

21 brewers, 165 beers

The association’s objective is to promote historic, independent family breweries which bring genuine added value to the identity and authenticity of Belgian brewing methods. This is a worthy cause, since beer brewing is a skilled craft which has been passed down from generation to generation in Belgian families over the centuries. Authentic Belgian beers therefore deserve to be recognised in a way which distinguishes them from other beers.

The Belgian Family Brewers label

With its label of authenticity, the association of Belgian Family Brewers wants to offer the consumer a guarantee of the origin and traditional production of authentic Belgian beers. Thanks to this label, that was launched on 8 November 2007, beer lovers all over the world will know that a beer carrying this logo:

• is a genuine Belgian beer brewed in Belgium on the brewery site recognized by BFB
• comes from an independent family brewery that has been making beer for at least 50 years, and is thus a traditional brewery
• is an original beer, no copies of which are sold under any other name or label.