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Ichtegem’s Oud Bruin

Ichtegem’s Oud Bruin, released in 1982, is a red-brown beer of Western Flanders. The beer is brewed according to the traditional method with different malt types. You will discover a sour nose, sweet taste and a slight sour aftertaste, created by blending

Ichtegem’s Grand Cru

Ichtegem’s Grand Cru is one of the finest examples of a Flemish Rood-Bruin. The 24 month old beer has been maturing in large oak vessels and is blended with a sweet young beer to balance the flavor and round out the body.

Keyte – Dobbel Tripel

Keyte Dobbel-Tripel is a top fermentation beer, re-ferrmented in the bottle. This amber-colored tripel beer has a soft flavour with lots of fruity notes.

Keyte – Oostendse Tripel

Brewed 2004 in celebration for commemorating the siege of Ostend, Keyte Oostendse Tripel is a high fermentation tripel of 7,5% .