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Barbe Rufa

Barbe Rufa

“Barbe Rufa” is a red brown coloured top fermented wheat beer. It has a low bitterness that keeps the balance with a relatively malty sweetness.

Barbe d’Or

Barbe d'Or

“Barbe d’Or” is a top-fermented beer. It is a golden blonde ale with a rich and soft bitter taste. The light roasted malts give the “Barbe d’Or” its blonde color and full flavor. The selected hops are responsable for the

Barbe Noire

Barbe Noire

“Barbe Noire” is a Belgian Stout. It is a top-fermented beer with a dark, almost black color. The “Barbe Black” has a dense head. Its taste is well-balanced and keeps the middle between sweet, creamy and bitter. “Barbe Black” is

Barbe Ruby

Barbe Ruby

“Barbe Ruby” is a top-fermented beer. The “Barbe Ruby” is a fruity beer with aromas of fruit with hints of almonds and light sour cherries. The taste is initially sweet and fruity and keeps nicely the balance with a refreshing

Duchesse de Bourgogne

“Duchesse de Bourgogne” is an ale of mixed fermentation. It is a sweet-fruity ale with a pleasant fresh aftertaste. This ale is brewed with roasted malts and with hops with a low bitterness. After the main fermentation and the lagering,

Echt Kriekenbier

“Echt Kriekenbier” means real cherry beer and is manufactured with only the real fruit of cherries. Unlike the most famous fruit beers is the basic beer not a Lambic but a West-Flemish red brown ale aged in oak wood. About