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Brewer’s Desire – Brasserie de la Taupe

Brewer’s Desire – Brasserie de la Taupe

For this special edition, Brewer’s Desire is brewed according to the traditional lambic brewing method, before ageing in a lambic barrel from the Timmermans brewery for 2 years. It is a strong brown beer of mixed fermentation.

Its smoky nose gives off aromas of truffle and wood, with flavors that are both dry and sweet. The bitterness is reminiscent of dark chocolate, its slight acidity is similar to a good port and its touch of roast reminds us of a peated whisky.





Brewery Timmermans

At Itterbeek, just outside Brussels, Timmermans has been brewing lambic beers for over three hundred years, making it the oldest lambic brewery in the world. Today, Anthony Martin and his Master Brewer Willem van Herreweghen have combined the old brewing recipes and classic methods to restore authenticity while benefiting from the unique expertise provided by Martin’s “Finest Beer Selection”, a truly unique range of the finest beers.

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