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Belgian Beers .

Green Killer

Green Killer

IPA style top fermentation beer with dry hopping. Colour: bright colouring 10 EBC. Ingredients: Water, malt, yeast, hops (4 different origins). Drinking temperature: serve between 3 and 6° C. Storage: normal for this type of beer. Taste comments: Green Killer IPA is a blond beer that has a perfect balance between malt and powerful hops. The brewing processes ends with dry hopping. The beer has a powerful nose , it contains notes of citrus and spicy touches that come from the hops. Green Killer IPA has a very nice and powerfull bitterness that ends with a dry aftertaste whilst it’s a perfect combination with the malts.





Brewery Silly

Brasserie de Silly, situated 30 miles south from Brussels, was founded in 1850 and is active without interruption since 6 generations of brewers in the village of Silly. Initially founded as a farm-brewery, beer was brewed for the seasonal workers doing the harvest during the summer. Today, Brasserie de Silly is specialized in a great variety of typical Belgian craft beers. Since more than 165 years, the “Silly” beers are brewed following the same brewing techniques paying a lot of attention to quality, control and innovation.

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