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Belgian Beers .

Moinette Ambrée

Moinette Ambrée

Its colour, taste and aromas are the result of a brewing process that brings together 5 different types of malt.When tasting, the aromas of these characteristic malts combined with fine hop varieties dominate. The combination of the fruity touch and the bitterness gives a balanced taste to the Moinette Ambrée.This harmonious and refreshing beer also owes its taste to the process of refermentation in the bottle it undergoes in our brewery and in your cellar.





Brewery Dupont

The brewery Dupont, family owned since 1920, is co-writer of a real part of the Belgian beer history. Situated in Tourpes (West Hainaut) and incorporated in an old farm dating from 1759, the brewing activity has been going on since 1844.

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