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Sportzot is an alcohol-free beer with a fresh hoppyness and a rich and full taste. Thanks to a revolutationary new technique of filtering, De Halve Maan succeeded to use Brugse Zot Blond as their basis to create this tasteful alcohol-free beer. The new technique allows De Halve Maan to filter out the alcohol in a natural way, without distilling nor using other manipulations.  This way, the brewery was able to conserve the famous authentic character of the De Halve Maan beers in their alcohol-free variant. Sportzot can attract both sport fans and beer lovers.






BreweryDe Halve Maan

Brewery De Halve Maan

This is the story of a family brewery located in the historical center of Bruges. Since 1856, six generations of the Maes’ family have been leading the brewery with one single goal: producing superior beer both in quality and in taste, while respecting the traditional art of brewing.

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