Pioneer of saison beer: Brasserie Dupont

Today Saison beers are increasingly popular and brewed on many locations around the world. But did you know they originated more than 150 years ago on farms in the Belgian province of Hinaut?


Saison is a light beer style traditionally made during the idle time on most farms under the cold and suitable brewing conditions of winter. The brews were kept as a provision beer and consumed during the warm and busy harvest season. The French word ‘saison’ literally translates as season. The beer had to be stored for a long time, so a lot of herbs or hops were added to avoid infections. To slake the heavy thirst of the farm workers, the beer was typically low in alcohol, very refreshing and thirst-quenching.


In 1844 a farm in Tourpes was one of the first to produce a saison beer. The farm and brewery had a good reputation and were taken over by the Dupont family in 1920. Alfred Dupont bought the farm for his son Louis in order to discourage him from moving to Canada.  In 1945 Louis Dupont, who had no children, left the brewery to his nephew Sylva Rosier. Sylva was an ambitious man and together with his son Marc an daughter Claude he developed a laboratory for analyses and quality control of the beers. Today the brewery is run by the fourth generation. Olivier Dedeycker started working in the brewery in 1990 and succeeded his uncle Marc Rosier as the director of the family business in 2002.


Saison Dupont is still considered a classic among the saison beers. Even though contemporary saisons are brewed all year round, but most traditional characteristics remained the same.  The coppery blond beer is relatively low in alcohol (6,5%). Thanks to the fine earthy and fruity aromas and the hop bitterness in the aftertaste, this beer is thirst-quenchener with no equal. Saison Dupont is a perfect companion during the first days of spring and on long warm summer evenings. Just the way it was intended!