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Barbᾶr Bok

Barbᾶr Bok

A solid and expressive brown ale, Barbãr Bok inherited its original recipe, based on malt, soft wheat and honey, from its famous big sister. With its honeyed and spiced nose, it strongly resembles Barbãr, but with fruit, malt and chocolate notes. A decided and slightly acid attack gives way at once to a malted, chocolate flavour. It is fairly high in alcohol, but without exaggeration. The finish is long, fruity, slightly piquant and without a bitter aftertaste.



Bottle33cl / 75cl



Brewery Lefebvre

The origin of the Lefebvre brewery goes back to 1876 with Jules Lefebvre. He supplied beverages to the pubs around the big stone extraction of Quenast. In 1921, Auguste Lefebvre, Jules‘ son, moves the brewery to a neighboring hill in order to avoid the annual floods of the Senne. In the following years, Gaston Lefebvre, the third generation, modernized the brewery by starting the bottling of beer.

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