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Hopus Primeur

Hopus Primeur

The Hopus Primeur derives from the Hopus. A new hop is added to the freshly fermented Hopus during an additional brewing phase, called Dry Hopping. During this phase, aromas gradually infuse the cold beer, keeping the new hop. It gives a fresh beer, with complex character, and powerful bitterness. The ceremonial of serving remains the same using 2 glasses: the beer can be drunk with the yeast, or not, according to the consumer’s taste. The new hop is added fresh to the beer. To preserve the richness of the selected hop, we brew the Hopus Primeur from February to May, and we buy a limited quantity of this hop. The Hopus Primeur is different every year, as a new hop with other characteristics is selected each year in autumn. A perpetual discovery!






Brewery Lefebvre

The origin of the Lefebvre brewery goes back to 1876 with Jules Lefebvre. He supplied beverages to the pubs around the big stone extraction of Quenast. In 1921, Auguste Lefebvre, Jules‘ son, moves the brewery to a neighboring hill in order to avoid the annual floods of the Senne. In the following years, Gaston Lefebvre, the third generation, modernized the brewery by starting the bottling of beer.

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