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Lindemans Faro

Lindemans Faro

Beer of spontaneous fermentation. One of the world’s oldest beers and a true local Brussels product, Lindemans Faro consists of blending an oak-aged lambic with candy sugar. The result? A pleasant, balanced sweet-sour taste typical of traditional Faro lambics



Bottle25cl / 37,5 cl / 75cl

Kegs10L / 25L


Brewery Lindemans

Since 1822, six generations of the Lindemans family have crafted authentic lambics of exquisite taste and complexity in the Pajottenland region, southwest of Brussels. Lambics are among the world’s rarest and most mysterious beers: they are the only beers fermented via wild, airborne yeast. The unusual and unique flavors that come from spontaneous fermentation are unmatched in the world of beer.

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