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Ename Rouge

Ename Rouge is a deep-red abbey beer with a light pink head in which the natural flavour of cherries dominates. The sweet and sour proportions of this fruit beer with generous body are in perfect balance thanks to the addition

Ename Blond

Ename Blond

This blond, top-fermented, refermented in the bottle abbey beer has a delicate, well-balanced palate with a slightly drier accent of hops.

Ename Dubbel

This brown top-fermented abbey beer is refermented in the bottle to produce a rich aroma of caramel, roasted malt and sweet fruit. Its dominant caramel flavour is mixed with the bitterness of roasted malt and hops.

Ename Tripel

Blond top-fermented, refermented in the bottle abbey beer with a full-bodied, somewhat malty palate and a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is a distinguished abbey beer, brewed with artisanal care according to a medieval Benedictine recipe from the abbey of Ename.

Ename Pater

We let ourselves be inspired for this special abbey beer by how the monks of old used to brew small amounts of beer for their own consumption. But as aware of their obligations as they were, they created a version

Gentse Strop

Gentse Strop

Gentse Strop is a top-fermented blond Belgian Speciale Ale, refermented in the bottle, to give a delicously hoppy beer with a subtle fruity aroma. For a taste of Ghent’s proud and noble heritage.



Belongs to the category of the strong blond Beers, top-fermented, refermented in the bottle. It is a powerful, slow-drinking beer with a strong character, exquisite aroma and a sublime taste.